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10 Reasons To Stay At Winter Haven Gardens

10 Reasons to Stay at Winter Haven Gardens

Have you been trying to decide on where to move? Maybe you have recently retired, and you realize that the home you once had is going to quickly become something that you cannot afford. Or maybe, you are single and just want to live in a location in which others are around the same age and at the same point in life? Whatever you reason for wanting to move into something that is better for your current life, Winter Haven Gardens is one location that you should consider for affordable senior retirement. Why is this? There are 10 reasons that are going to make you want to give them a call today.

10 Reasons to Stay Here

  1. A hot breakfast package is offered for only $70 per month. Who wants to take the time to cook every morning and clean up when there are so many other fun things to do out there?
  2. Affordable prices. Our rooms start at just $800 for the entire month.
  3. Plenty of amenities are included with your monthly fee. These amenities include a pool, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center and cable television.
  4. Our venue allows you to be in a location that is geared towards those who are 55 years and older. It can make you feel like you are coming to a new home.
  5. Safety is a priority. There are many cameras installed on the property, along with a gate that everyone has to come through. Everyone is accounted for.
  6. You have friendly staff that are ready to help you with whatever you may need. Whether this is a dinner reservation or directions, they are always happy to help.
  7. There are plenty of great restaurants nearby like Twisted Teapot, Lavender and Lace Tea Houses, and Arabella’s.
  8. We have numerous attractions nearby so you will never have the thought that there is nothing to do for the day. With Circle B Nature preserve close by, along with ample fishing lakes, you will always have plenty of outing options.
  9. Winter Haven Gardens is also close to medical facilities. For those who are of this age, being close to their doctor is just one more benefit of living in this location. There are hospitals and medical services literally a block over from Winter Haven Gardens.
  10. You’ll be able to be with a like-minded group of individuals. Those who live here are often retired and single without kids. They are interested in developing friendships and living in a lively and calm community.

More Than Just a Hotel

Winter Haven Gardens is more than just where you can lay your head at night. It is a community that you can become a part of. For hotel room bookings and long term stay options, contact our team today.

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