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Our Dedicated Staff Is Here To Serve YOU

Our Dedicated Staff is Here to Serve YOU

How many people have always wished that they lived in an area that allowed them to have someone to help them with their needs and wants? Have you ever dreamed of living in an apartment building in which someone greets you upon entering and they are someone that you can call if you need a package brought to your room but have no desire to go to the front lobby to get it? For many people, the thought of living like this is considered extravagant and not affordable. But it is not.

For those in Winter Haven, FL, Winter Haven Gardens is open and ready for people to move into their new home. This was once a hotel that has been converted for apartments geared at those who are 55 years and older who want their independence, and perhaps a little luxury in their lives.

Affordable Living with Plenty of Amenities

Those who choose to live at Winter Haven Gardens will find that this is one of the top places to stay in Florida. There are not only certain amenities included with each room such as free Wi-Fi and cable TV, but there is also a pool and fitness center that can be used by residents. Plus, you can opt into our linen service if you want a staff member to take care of this for you. This is all included for just $800 a month, add in another $70 a month and you can opt for a hot breakfast that is served fresh for you every morning at Winter Haven Gardens.

The staff is dedicated to your every need when you live in Winter Haven Gardens. You will get the same level of care from the staff as if you were you staying in five-star hotels in Winter Haven, FL. Looking to arrange a day at Legoland for when the grand-kids visit? Then our staff can make that happen. Looking to find out where the best bike path is so that you can get out and bike for fun? This is something else that our staff can kindly direct you in.

Our staff at Winter Haven Gardens has plenty of hotel experience, they know how to make guests happy, and they are taking this experience and helping you with your stay at Winter Haven Gardens. If you have been thinking about moving into an affordable location that is still close to all the amenities that you could want, then why not consider Winter Haven Gardens? You won’t be sorry.

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