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Save More On A Studio Apartment And Get More

Save More on a Studio Apartment and Get More


When looking at studio apartments in Florida, you may be wondering if this is going to be a good fit for you or not. For those who are single and with no kids, a studio apartment is a great fit. It is small enough that you are not paying an outlandish amount for. And since you are by yourself, you will have plenty of room to make this your own.

A studio apartment is classified as having a kitchen, living space and a bedroom that is all open. The bathroom is present but is closed off for more privacy. The open concept is something that many people love, as they like being able to feel at home no matter where they are at in their apartment. And the best part for people is that this is going to save you massive amounts of money when compared to small apartments in the area. If you do not need two extra bedrooms, then why pay for this? It doesn’t make sense financially to pay for what you don’t need.

Winter Haven Gardens

For those who are located in the area, Winter Haven Gardens has exception studio apartments that can be yours for an affordable rate, and you are getting so much more with this area than just a studio apartment. The amenities are going to be what encourages you to seek this area out. The area is highly secured with a gate at the opening, along with beautiful landscaping, a pool that you can use, and even better, you can opt to get the breakfast package so that you can have a hot cooked breakfast for yourself every day! The price of this breakfast for the entire month is $70, which is less than what you would pay if you bought the groceries on your own and prepared this every day. Plus, this way you have no mess to deal with!

For those who are looking for a studio apartment in Florida that has amenities that make it worth your while, you cannot go wrong with Winter Haven Gardens. Plus, you will find that its location puts you between some great fishing locations, sporting facilities, numerous stores and restaurants, golf and you are also near the local airport. Location is everything and when coupled with an affordable studio apartment that is going to fit your every need…it is a winning solution for anyone who is ready to make their next move.

Winter Haven Gardens is more than just where you can lay your head at night. It is a community that you can become a part of. For hotel room bookings and long term stay options, contact our team today.

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