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Why Winter Haven Gardens  Is An Excellent Place To Stay

Why Winter Haven Gardens is an Excellent Place to Stay

Every day it seems that there is new news of a riot taking place, of COVID-19 becoming more prevalent in certain communities, and a general unrest. It is enough to make everyone scared to leave their homes. However, what if you could live in a location that is safe, affordable and clean? Then when you see these issues on television, you realize that they are happening, but you also have the peace of mind that you are safe. That is what residents who live at Winter Haven Gardens have.

Winter Haven Gardens was designed as a location for those who are 55 years and older. While many may classify this is a senior assisted living arrangement, it is more of a senior retirement community. Those who live here are not going to be someone who needs medical assistance a lot, nor are they going to be comfortable in siting in the lobby and simply watching television. Those who live here are active individuals, who simply wanted to live in a location that is safe, close to places that they have an interest in, and is affordable.

You Cannot Go Wrong with Us

When it comes to places to stay in Winter Haven Florida, you cannot go wrong with Winter Haven Gardens. Those who move here are often sad that they didn’t do it sooner. Prices start at $800 a month for a lovely room that is clean and safe, while also offering cable TV in these rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a list of other amenities. You can even opt to participate in our linen service if needed. Plus, we offer a hot breakfast each morning for $70 a month for those who want to avoid having to cook first thing in the morning. We hope to soon offer a delicious dinner special as well. Meanwhile, you have access to a community pool, a fitness center and numerous attractions nearby.

Activities, Care and Safety

Love to golf? There are courses nearby. Want to grab a bite out to eat? There are tons of restaurants nearby as well. However, no matter where you go, you know that when you come home to Winter Haven Gardens you are safe. The gated area ensures that residents are the only ones entering, and the surveillance cameras add to this feel of safety.

For those who want an affordable place in Florida to live that is safe and clean, they cannot go wrong with choosing Winter Haven Gardens.

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